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B400S - paging input


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  • Ross Eberlin

    Normal operation of the B400S would involve once the microphone is connected to the B400S, with DIP switches set to MIC In, Phantom On/OFF (Depending on microphone requirements), is selecting Microphone In, as the source from the Navigation Drawer source menu.

    To go back to a music service then you must go back and select from the Navigation menu.

    A better way of operating this functionality is to use a CP100 Wall Mount Controller along with the B400S taking advantage of  Presets. In this example I have setup Preset 1 to be a TuneIn station, and Preset 2 to be the Microphone Input. When the CP100 is assigned to this player, by selecting Preset 1 on the CP100 the player selects TuneIn station, Preset 2 button selects Microphone In. this "one button" switchover is a quicker way to make the change. We do not have an automatic microphone input sense.




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