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Ariplay feature




  • Official comment
    Tony W.

    Hi Lars

    Bluesound Professional does not support Apple AirPlay. This is for security reasons in commercial spaces.

  • Lars Aslund

    Hi Tony,

    I just had a lunchmeeting with a friend of mine, we are doing lots of big residential installations, and this Bluesound Pro devices is good, but with a lack of AiPlay2 feature we need to look at for example Sonos, Yamaha Sounscast etc.

    I dont understand why AirPlay is off for security reasons, and Spotify Connect feature is present.

    This kind features should have a switch in the configuration settings for enable/disable.

    Best Regars / Lars - Smarthome Sweden

  • Tony W.

    For Big Residential installations, we still recommend Bluesound or NAD's CI products powered by BluOS - Bluesound Professional is strictly designed for commercial and industrial applications.


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